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Copy Machine Rental in Singapore

Copy Machine Rental in Singapore
– Guide to Renting & Leasing Copier Machines

Making a choice between buying or renting a copier machine

If your business involves heavy usage of photocopier services, then it will be a wise and safe choice to purchase one of your own.

Coveting a personalized photocopy machine will bring convenience and saving time for you and your staff. However, it does come with a hefty price tag and high maintenance costs.

An alternative to buying a machine would be the photocopier leasing option.  


Renting a copier machine from notable copier renting services such as SG Copier will guarantee you a myriad of long-term benefits apart from the obvious advantage you’d be enjoying- the sheer convenience of having your own copier machine without having to break the bank.

This option can be incredibly tempting for smaller businesses or startups that lack access to funding for large in-office purchases.

Copier Rental Services in Singapore

Once you've decided to rent a photocopier, go browse the web to see which copier machine models are most suited to your needs.

Most copier renting businesses today market big brands and models such as the Fuji Xerox copier or the Canon copier machines. At the same time, some may also sell copiers from lesser-known companies.

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a photocopier company to rent your copier from.


We highly recommend that you decide upon the rental period of the machine before approaching any copier leasing services, as rental companies more often than not provide attractive discounts for patrons interested in longer rental duration.

Can You End a Copier Lease Early?

Typically, if you wish to cancel your lease agreement earlier than originally planned, you will have to pay a compensation fee to the rental company. Most companies require you to enter into an agreement of at least 1 year.

Besides, other vital factors include whether or not you are leasing a black and white or color printing copier, which is also taken into account in the computation of the compensation fee.

Depending on your needs, you may be inclined towards a multi-functional copier machine that is capable of providing scanning, printing, and faxing features.

Copier Brands: Fuji or Canon?

Fuji Xerox copiers focus on a photocopy machine's essential functions, thereby guaranteeing the most delicate quality prints for its users.

In contrast, Canon copiers often come with additional features that often serve as a competitive edge in attracting the likes of more demanding consumers. If your requirements in a copier machine are varied, we would recommend that you consider Cannon as one of your top picks as this brand will be likely to cater to your needs better.

On the other hand, for most customers who are only interested in getting the conventional black and white photocopied prints from their machines, the real defining feature will be the servicing agreement(s) provided by the company, as a regular photocopy machine requires constant maintenance over its term of use.

These service agreements can also be a great source to obtain photocopier machine supplies or spare parts from.

Copier Leasing Singapore

Best Offers in Singapore

Where to Rent a Copier?

If you’re looking to rent a copier machine in Singapore, there’s no better place than SG Copier- a first-rate copier machine leasing and printer leasing company that operates nationwide.

We are committed to offering offices and workspaces across the country with the variable options to buy, lease, or rent photocopier machines from leading brands in the market, such as Fuji and Cannon.

We aim to make it easier than ever for our patrons to enjoy our services, with no deposit required to embark on your photocopier rental journey.

At SG Copier, we provide premium features that set us apart from other competing companies. These include the low monthly rental rates we offer, as well as the streamlined installation processes we bestow to our customers.


On top of all that, our customers enjoy the added advantage of not being tied down with any contractual liabilities of sorts.

SG copier provides you with free maintenance services, replacement of supplies, upgrades to your machines, and much more.

Visit our website and get in touch with us today to rent your very own photocopier machine!

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