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Buying Copier Machine Singapore

Buying Copier Machine

If you are comfortable with spending a few thousand dollars to a buy copier machine, we offer you and your staff the best deals you cannot get from any other photocopier company in the market.


Making the decision to buy copier machines has its list of advantages. This includes you being able to utilize your new machine as a company asset that provides long-term utility and support for your business operations.


Having a permanent company-owned photocopier machine at your premises boosts your staff’s productivity. Being equipped with copier machines makes work more convenient and efficient for all. 


Though purchasing a new copier machine may seem to be a more attractive option, you may not have access to such comprehensive after-sales services that you can get with a copier leasing contract.


This purchase will add to your running costs as any maintenance or servicing works will incur additional charges on your budget since not all copier purchase deals are covered by standard warranties. Even if you were to be granted a warranty upon the purchase of a new copier machine, the warranty will more often than not come with an expiry date.


Given the aforementioned analysis of your options, it will be more feasible to lease copier machines instead of purchasing them due to the fact that you’d be able to gain access to a lifetime’s worth of maintenance services.

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